Warm (2)James has been involved in personal development since 1985 (launch of Window 1.0) and had his eyes opened to how people are cowed by the powers that be whilst studying to be a community education practitioner at Edinburgh University.

It was during his attempts to help start-ups and other business owners via his Mastermind Groups during the tribulations of the financial crisis that he recognised the need to reject the ‘News of Death’ paradigm.

Everything James does is an attempt to wake people up to their purpose, passion, and possibilities and the law of target fixation dictates that we choose to focus our minds on the things that we do want!



Bruce is happy to be called a geek and was a software engineer wage slave for 18 years before the inevitable redundancy happened. Rather than seeing it as all doom and gloom though he grasped the opportunity to further his passion for helping out all and sundry by growing his web design and development business from a hobby to a full-time concern.

He is happy to help small businesses get started on the internet with an honest, helpful, and practical approach and is a firm believer in the power of positivity and the philosophy of News of Success.

Working with James as the technical expert for News of Success, Bruce is helping to spread the word of what people can do with the right approach.

Written by BruceBruce

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