Successful entrepreneur wins RBS Scottish Asian Mother of the Year 2013 Award

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Stringent cards of tradition were being dealt to Ms Saj Sharif from an early age, the most significant of which was an arranged marriage. Yet despite this, Saj was striving towards her family and career goals and after having her first child was working in 1994 as a successful stockbroker in Edinburgh, Scotland. A year later though, a black card was dealt and her young son needed to have open heart surgery.

After his successful recovery, Saj found the courage to brake away from her Asian community and managed to extricate herself from her arranged marriage. In 2000 though, pressures of trying to juggle work and be a single parent led to her developing ME and eventually this closed the door on her six year career as a Stockbroker.

A few years later after recovering from her illness, life started to improve for Saj; she remarried and managed to fall pregnant with her first daughter.  Saj’s courage was emboldened even more when her husband asked her to do the accounts for his business and eventually a new career blossomed when her husbands associates also showed interest in her accountancy expertise. Saj decided to start her own accountancy practice in 2006 but as with many business start-ups, growth was slow but over the years she managed to significantly improve on her first years £400 profit.

Despite fate trying to assert its black hand with the death of her daughters father shortly after their separation, Saj decided to offer hope and a home to another and adopted a young girl in 2012.

For maintaining love for others despite her life and business challenges, Saj’s resilience was recognised by being awarded the Scottish Asian Women’s Award for Mother of The Year on the 7th March 2013.

This month will see yet more news of success for this brave lady when she is awarded her BA in Accountancy and Finance in her Graduation Ceremony at Heriot Watt University.

Saj would like anybody else facing life challenges to know “Life is a game, you either play or get played. It’s up to you.

Many people think that entrepreneurial success is incompatible with family life but Saj has demonstrated otherwise, especially since 2013 looks to be her best year in business so far.

When we play ‘service’ as our trump card, we set ourselves up for success in all areas of life.

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